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How do I fight a contested stolen car claim

My car was stolen. The insurance company claims that I allowed someone to deliberately take the car and dispose of it. they are denying my claim!


Well, this is a rather strong accusation! The insurance company must have very strong evidence of such a thing.

Are they making a claim against you for insurance fraud?

Since they are denying coverage, they must put in writing all the reasons and evidence that lead them to the conclusion that you did such a thing. Most often than not, insurance companies do not like to do this because their evidence is not as strong.

In any event, your best option is to hire a lawyer. This accusations cannot be taken lightly and only an attorney can help you determine what to do next to compel the insurance company.

In addition, consider talking to your state department of insurance (insurance commissioner) and see how they can help you resolve the matter.

Good Luck

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