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How do I fix driving record?

by Teresa
(Syracuse, New York)

In may 2008 I was 7 months pregnant with my 3rd daughter when I was driving down the road and my mini van caught on fire I called 911 and fire department got lost on the way there, it was found to be an electrical fire caused by having a stereo system installed into my van.

The insurance company was rude and accused me of starting the fire but after 6months they paid me 70% of what van was worth later that same year my oldest daughter shut her foot in the car door at Wal-Mart while I was buckling up my 2 younger kids.

The key was not in the ignition yet when I took her to the hospital to make sure her foot was not broken they charged my auto insurance which only had to pay $42 because my health insurance covered my $200 deductable.

Now when I went to pay my insurance in October of 2009 I was 21 days late and didn’t know it they had canceled me and when I went to get new insurance my driving record had 2 at fault accidents on it and the 1 with my daughter was on there with a personal injury claim against me.

I was never informed that they were putting either of these claims on my record and didn’t know until I went to get new insurance.

They told the DMV that I was at fault how do I fix this and can I fix this no one has been helpful and everyone in the insurance business that I have talked to always acts like I was at fault.

I am just trying to lie my way out of higher insurance fees I even had 1 person tell me that I needed to have hospital records, DMV records and letter from insurance company to prove I wasn’t lying however the old insurance company just sent me a copy of my driving record and never explained why or how they could but either or both accidents on my driving record as at fault.


Hello Teresa,

You really need to talk to an attorney. Usually, when you cause damage to property or persons while loading/unloading, you are at fault. This is because you are usually the only “actor.”

This might not necessarily be the case with you, but you need to evaluate that point. Also, being at fault does not mean you intentionally cause injury. Putting you at fault does not mean that you did this intentionally.

Talk to a lawyer to see what you can do. Arson is a very serious allegation and investigation must be done.

Also consider contacting the department of insurance or insurance commissioner of your state.

See more about fault here:

Good Luck,

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