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How do I get insured to sign off?

by Prince

A friend took my car to work and it caught on fire; I don't know how. However, his insurance agreed to cover it as total loss.

They evaluated acv and issued a check in my name and that of my friend because it's policy. Now, my friend doesn't want to sign off on the check.

According to him, that we should and shop for another car and share the remaining if any. I told him I cannot do that because it's fraud, secondly, I am getting the acv of my car.

How do I get him to sign off?

Answer to How do I get insured to sign off?

Hello Prince. We are sorry for the delay. We had a glitch and we were not getting any notifications. We checked yesterday and we are overwhelmed with how many we have.

Well, you friend has not claim to the proceeds. It was a settlement for your actual cash value. You may have to sue your friend and send copy of the lawsuit to his insurance company. The company paid what it was fair for the loss of your car. You need a car and his delay is costing you more time without a car. Talk to an attorney about this, but yeah, you need to at least talk to an attorney and see if they can send a letter.

Good Luck,
US Auto Claims

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