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How is fault determined? | No statement requested by carrier

by Bederk
(Sacramento, CA)

I was in a car accident where I ended up rear ending real damages but how is fault determined especially when MY insurance company never talked to me to get my side of the story.

My husband called to make the claim and they said someone would call me to get my side of the story and I never got a call.

About 2 weeks later we get a letter stating that through their investigation it was determined that I was at fault.....but how when they never asked me any questions I find that really odd can you please help.....????


Hello Bederk,

Please see our section on how fault is determined. Please see:

We have explore this issue with a lot of detail.

Your insurance company can ask for your side of the story and most do. However, if there is enough evidence against you (a witness, a police report, and damages), then the insurance company can simply make a decision.

Remember that your policy most likely has a right of settlement clause and therefore, the insurance company is allowed to do this. Please see:

Good Luck,
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