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How long do you have to dispte an injury settlement?

by Leandrea

Hello my name is Leandrea and I was in an accident, I was sitting at a red light and a car pulled up behind me they were about two car lengths back and stopped. I noticed the woman and man were fighting I looked back at the light, still red looked back at the car and thought something was going to happen.

The light still red looked back in the mirror and herd tires screeching the car hit me from behind. I pulled from the light to a parking lot and got out of the car and could not believe it! I talked to the girl and started taking information after that I asked them if they had a phone and could call the cops they refused to I did not know what to do I was so shook up I got all the information and went to my moms and called the cops.

Then a couple days later I got the accident report and started making a claim they took all my info and called back.

The night of the wreck I had been diagnosed with whip Lash and was treated at chiropractor’s received a call wanting to settle and pay all medical bills and then award five hundred for me I settled on that and cashed the check it has been a month over two years and found out they never paid the chiropractor.

I did not know this until today but never received a bill from the chiropractor, is it to late to do something about this?


Hello Leandrea,

It depends on the exact terms of how you settle the claim. If the settlement was for a full release, you might have to pay this bill. If however, the release is on top of the medical bills you incurred the day of the accident. Call the insurance company and ask them to pay it, many times they will just to get the matter done (if the bill is reasonable and not a series of treatment).

In the alternative, you can always talk to your own insurance company and seek coverage under your PIP coverage. Please see:

Good Luck

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