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How long do you have to report a claim?

on May 3rd 2012, I accidentally backed up into a coworker's vehicle and caused some damage to the headlight.

I told the coworker about the incident and I told him I would rather settle without a claim. the damage according to the coworker is about a $1000. He never took it the vehicle to a body shop to get an estimate. This amount he is asking for is more than I can handle out of pocket.

I have told the coworker that we need to file a claim and have an adjuster look at the vehicle. The vehicle has not been in the area so that we can do this. Now, a month has gone by and the coworker wants to re-intact the incident and call the police to get a report. How long do I have to make a claim with my insurance company.

Do I need a police report for an incident that happened in the parking lot?

Answer to How long do you have to report a claim?

You have a "Reasonable time." Some insurance companies require certain time frames, but we have see claims filed and paid after one year.

The key is to explain the delay. Your explanation is very plausible and something insurance companies are used to. Do talk to them as soon as you can.

Good Luck
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