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How long for a total loss stolen car to be settled

My vehicle was stolen and found on May 2. The insurance company has told me it is a total loss and unrecoverable.

I gave them the police report and all the information they have asked for. My claim was passed onto an investigator. Every time I call they give me the same answers that they are waiting on a few last minute things and will be closing my file with a total loss. It is now June 12 and still no answer or any closer to finishing this dreadful process.

How long can an insurance company drag its feet. I owe a payment on June 15. I am upside down but have gap insurance. I feel if I pay my payment it will be for nothing. Please help. Is this a normal process?


This does not sound like a normal process. You should be apprised of all the steps and details. If your car was stolen and recovered, then you should be in contact with your insurance adjuster and they must (not optional) keep you informed. Usually, this type of claim takes about 30 days to resolve, a little more time its okay, however, you want to contact the office of insurance of your state and ask them how to file a complaint.

Unfortunately, you are still responsible for all payments until either the car is fixed, or the total loss is processed. If you do not pay, then it can affect your credit negatively.

Please see our section on total loss here:

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