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How much trouble am I in?

I was travelling home from work westbound on a local city street. I made an effort to beat a light but, last second it changed and I slammed on the breaks.

It was rainy, I slid out in front of a SUV. After the SUV struck me, a third car hit the both of us, after we had came to rest. One question is, am I liable for the third car to hit us? Also, I live in West Virginia, I have the minimum liability coverage on my vehicle. I am fairly certain that one vehicle, other than mine, is totaled.

If my coverage does not cover the full amount for his vehicle, should I expect to be sued? I am a 20, a college student with three hundred dollars to my name, I have no help from any family, Is it possible that I can be jailed?

Will the other driver(s) insurance pick up whatever is left? I am very confused, any help would be wonderful,


Hello there,

First, you need to relax. No jail unless this rises to the level of criminal offense (DUI, extreme recklessness, etc.).

Can you expect to be sued? Well, if there is not enough coverage for both vehicles, you are still liable for the excess (what the insurance company pays v. what it is still owed).

It is possible that the others drivers have “collision” and/or under insured coverage. If that is the case, then those drivers will be made whole under their own policies.

You would still owe the insurance companies, but you can work out some kind of payment plan. Again, if your policy is not enough to cover all damages. You could be liable for the entire accident, but there is not enough information here to determine if you are liable 100%

You insurance rates will likely go up.

Good Luck,

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