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How to locate a State Auto Insurance Laws?

by Tricia
(Houston, Texas Fort Bend County)

Found your website and LOVE the information and the presentation! You have done a terrific job and a great service to thousands of people.

My question is though, I live in Texas and cannot locate this type of information on what the auto insurers can and cannot do. Had an accident, other driver at fault, at fault ins paid for repair. I went to trade in car and was only offered auction value because of frame damage. I did not know the frame had been damaged. Repairs were approx. 6,700.00. Before the accident blue book on my car was about 12 to 15,000.00. I asked the ins for diminished value, they said no. I asked again citing specific figures and they sent a check for 391.00. I filed against the Ins. Co. in small claims and the judge said I cannot sue the Ins. Co. I have to sue the person who did the damage. Problem is, he is was an 18 year old kid in dad's car on dad's ins. Who do I sue? Driver, owner or both? And where can I find the rules or laws that state what the insured or insurer is liable for? Aren't they supposed to return me to pre-accident condition?

Again, thank you ever so much for your website!


Hello Tricia,

Thank you for the nice words! We are glad you liked the website!

You want to sue both. An 18 year old is an adult so he can be sued. The owner of the car may have liability.

They are laws, but they are find to find. You may want to talk to an attorney. You may also want to talk to the Texas department of insurance and/or the office of the insurance commissioner. They maybe able to locate laws and regulations for you.

Good Luck.

As always, it is very important that you talk with a local attorney!
Good Luck,
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