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How will my record be affected | Claim record

by Mario

I was applying for auto insurance policy and due our claim record it went up to much.

Checking out that record it showed a claim under a different name under our policy and I barely remember it was somebody that hit my wife car and since we had the same Insurance company and agent we just informed to the agent about it,"being her fault". So why it appears in our claim record as she did under our policy with a nomination at-fault not serious accident?

In the same record it shows another claim that have the same nomination at-fault non serious accident, but it was the others part fault and we had to make the claim to our insurance company because it took a while to the other company to agree the amount of liability.

So is that the way these record works, not showing details of those claims and what at-fault non serious accident means because those weren't her fault, and I can correct that if it is needed.


Hello Mario,

Yes, claims records do not have a lot of detail. Fault or no fault, and serious and non serious. Some insurance companies will have a DUI or no DUI markings.

You need to correct any mistake. You might be overpaying for insurance without knowing.

First, you need to know if you have been reported to the "insurance pool" Get a quote from different insurance companies and see if your rates are substantially higher or lower than where you are at. A good insurance site that gives you multiple quotes will do. I recommend:

but there are others.

Once you have this, you can talk to the best or lower quote agent and ask them if they have access to your accident record. They can tell you how many accidents you had and how many you were being tagged "at fault"

If there are mistakes (accidents where you were not at fault), then you need to contact your insurance adjuster (the same that handled the claim) and make sure that they marked the "fault indicator" correctly. Also ask for a letter explaining that you are no at fault for your records. Next time you talk to an agent, you can show this and they will delete any negative points.

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