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Hydroplaned in Florida

by Terry
(Shelbyville, KY, USA)

My son just called to tell me he was in an accident (in Tampa, Florida). He was driving his wife's car (they are separated).

He was driving 40 miles per hour in the rain (even the police officer asked why he was going slow!, the car hydroplaned and hit the concrete wall/barrier.

Geico has informed them they will not pay anything on the claim because it was an "at fault accident"

What does this mean and how can Geico get away with this? It was an accident, he was not speeding, was not intoxicated, did not violate any traffic laws.


Hello Terry,

I am very sorry to hear about the accident. I understand this is frustrating. Well, one vehicle accidents are the fault of the only driver. If he lost control of the car, the automatic conclusion is that the driver was going too fast for conditions. This is a blanket regulation and duty of drivers, they must maintain control of their vehicle.

It appears that you are in the middle of this dispute so it will be very difficult to overcome the duty to maintain control of the car.

As always, it is very important that you talk with a local attorney!
Good Luck,
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