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I am at fault, had no insurance, payment options?

Over Christmas, before setting out from Galveston to Austin, Texas, my Jeep developed electrical issues during a severe rainstorm (Dec 24). I was unable to keep it started, so loaded up my Nissan, which was uninsured, and made the trip anyway.

Obviously this was wrong, but it is history; I did not know that I could have added the Nissan on a Saturday, and still do not know if it would have given instant coverage, but that is past.

So my question is: is there a way that I can, without full amount of the damage to the other vehicle ($17,000)(which is probably price of the vehicle)by payment, as I have no resources other than what I earn. I can give details, but I am just starting work again after one year recovering from a severe leg injury (left hip and knee, which is why I had left the 5-speed Nissan coverage expire).

I've checked all options, and am simply unable to come up with anything near this amount.
It is against my principles to not pay a fair debt such as this, and want to know if I could make a plan with Progressive that would allow me to honor it, over time.

Please let me know if there are ANY programs that can do this, I am hiding nothing and only want to do the right thing, and am grateful that no one was hurt.

Thank you.

Answer to I am at fault, had no insurance, payment options?

Lesson learned. You cannot drive without insurance. Progressive will have to discuss some payment option with you. Most carriers will work out some sort of plan, but is up to them.

That’s one option. The other option is bankruptcy.

Talk to an attorney about your options.

Good Luck

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