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I am paying for my own medical bills, why?

by Billy
(Huber Heights, Ohio)

I was passenger in a truck that hit a fire truck that was on a call with all its lights on. the person I was with was cited twice. The claims adjuster told the driver that I filed a claim and it caused tension was intimidated and threatened, also i had previously made payment arrangements with the hospital and already made a payment asked to have the check sent to me so I could pay the bills myself and she said no.

I want to take care of this myself because i do not trust her and she has made some of my information public to the driver, which is my nieces boyfriend. That’s why he Is trying to intimidate me.

He said I am causing his insurance to go up. this is the reason i want to deal with this on my own terms because i do not trust her and i am worried about what she might say.


Well, the adjuster has a duty to her client. Her client is the driver of the car, so they will know that. You are not causing his insurance to go up. He is caused that when he caused the accident.

You must be able to deal with this insurance company, even if they disclose that to your friend. Talk to an attorney to help you handle this claim.

If the driver has PIP coverage, your medical bills will have to be paid by the auto insurance, and not by you.

Good Luck,

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