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I am shocked and offended by State Farm Insurance co

I was hit at a four way stop in a school zone by a state farm insurance carrier. All of the damage was on the side of my vehicle, and the police officer on site wrote the woman a ticket for failure to slow to prevent an accident. He stated clearly that this woman obviously did not pay attention, and did not have proper control of her vehicle. What happened was that I stopped at the intersection, some guy on my left stopped, then this lady pulled up on my right. I proceeded through, and thought at first she was just one of those impatient drivers inching foreward, then when I shifted into second gear, I realized she wasn't going to stop! I slammed on the breaks, and honked the horn but to no avail.

She was driving one of those new Toyota Tundra trucks, and I was driving a little ford focus. It smooshed the tire in just enough to make it barely drivable. (luckily the accident was a block from our house). After that it was undrivable. I had no idea that I was supposed to show up at the court date for her ticket, but with four kids under five in December in Chicago...Even if I did know I wouldn't have made it. I have liability only insurance, so my insurance company will only defend against a claim. Miraculously, State Farm denied my claim for damages on the exact day of the court date for her ticket. They told me because the witness didn't want to get involved it was my word against hers and of course even if they have to ignore ALL of the evidence, it buys them time to not pay for my damages.

Since then I had to sue the lady that hit me (in Illinois you cant' sue the insurance company) I lost my job, my oldest son in first grade missed so much school due to the transportation issues, that he is now in a "special" reading program, my husband had to take a taxi to and from work for 3 weeks cutting his income in half, and I have been to court 8 times only to have the attorney for the insurance company jerk me around.

I am disgusted by the lack of ethics this company has displayed. Isn't this what we pay insurance for? So that when we have an accident, the people involved won't suffer unduly for our own mistakes? On top of that, the woman had gotten in touch with me before the attorney got involved, presumably when she was served, and said that her premium had gone way up, so she assumed I had been taken care of. STATE FARM IS UNETHICAL AND DISHONEST!!!

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