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I barely hit someone with my car. The other person had no injuries. The police were called and an accident report was filed.

I was taking a right turn on green. The other person who was crossing got hit slightly. I checked to make sure he was ok. He called someone up and said he wasn't hurt. But still got my information and walked off without a limp.

He later called the cops. I went over to the hospital and they filed an accident report. Now the other person has hired a lawyer and claimed damage to his back,leg and head, which is totally false. However, I wanted to make sure that the insurance covers me for this situation? Will the insurance company handle it for me?

Now the person has hired a lawyer. Does my insurance policy cover me? Can the other person sue me?



Well, it may not be totally fault. Actually, injuries often flare up a few hours or even a day after the accident.

Your liability coverage should not only protect you but also provide you with a defense lawyer if you need one.

Your attorney will be chosen by the insurance company and her wage will be paid by the insurance company.

Can the other person sue you?

Yeah, they can.

Good Luck

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