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I did not hit a dog in the road but it ended in a disaster

by Renee

I was driving down a small road and a dog ran out in front of me. I kind of clipped his rear and then went into the ditch and hit a cover which blew my tire. I rolled to a stop, got out and checked and sure enough it was a flat. So I got back in my car to call my husband to come help me with a flat.

Next thing I know a man slams on his breaks and starts running towards me waving his arms. I cracked my window because it scares me. He said get out your car is on fire. I got out and sure enough the flames had caught from the front right where thru tire was all the way to the back tires. Then set the whole car ablaze by the time the fire truck got there. I use farmers insurance and I have full coverage. What is bound to happen in this situation?

Oh and the fire was bound to be because of the massive amount of pine needles my car came to a stip into as well as the heat of my car. Even though I tried to move it.


Hello Rene,

If you have full coverage, your insurance company will have to cover your vehicle. There may be a question as to whether or not this is a comprehensive or a collision claim (different deductibles), but the results will be about the same (coverage is covered).

The dog owner may be liable, so the insurance company will have to find out what happened to the dog.

This was an accident and that is all the insurance company needs to cover you.

Good Luck,

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