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I had no insurance and suspend License! What should I do now?

by Savannah

I know, stupid me! I just came back into country (husband Military) after 2 years and because of tickets unpaid before I left my license was suspended while I was gone.
I drove a car that was uninsured as well.
I was in a parking lot and seen a parking spot and needed to back up a little bit to turn in.
There was no speed as I was backing, but i backed into a car I didnt see behind me.
There was no damage to either cars, but I still gave her my info. I got a call from her insurance company. They left a message stating they wanted to talk to me about a claim. Should I call back and tell them the story and just pay? but I am in fear because I have no insurance that they are going make me pay a crazy amount for nothing. Or should I contact a lawyer first?
And yes this was a lesson learned to stay current on everything! Please help? Thanks!
Answer to I had no insurance and suspend License! What should I do now?
Hello Savannah,
Talking a lawyer is always a good idea.
The bottom line here is this: you have not learned your lesson until you pay for the damages. They will likely charge you an astronomical amount, and that is okay. However, you can review their numbers and make sure you are paying for the damage you caused. This is critical!
Other than that, you can try to enter into a payment plan with them.

Again, talk to an attorney.

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