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I have a total loss claim but I no longer have the car or title what can I do?

I was struck by a car while I was parked at a super market. The other driver's insurance company deemed the car a total loss and an estimate was done.

They sent me these forms to fill out describing the accident. I sent those forms in but they never contacted me back.

In the mean time my son graduations was coming up and I really needed to purchase a new car. The cost of the car was too much and my husband ask the dealer if we could trade in the car.

I wasn't to sure about this so I asked the dealer if it was alright. He told me yes as long if an estimate was done. For days I had no contact from the insurance company.

So I finally contacted them myself and that is when they told me that I needed the title to get my cash settlement.

Now I am wondering if anything can be done because I am thinking about getting a lawyer but I've done some research and I am wondering if it will be pointless to do so now.


Hello there,

it's not pointless. You should talk to a lawyer. You must show ownership for them to pay you, but there are other ways to do it. Title is important but you can talk to the person you sold it to, they may give you the title.

If you owned the vehicle at the time of the collision, you are entitled to that compensation unless you sold your rights in the car and the claim to the new owner.

Contact a local lawyer.

Good Luck

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