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I rear ended a car, I settled with them there, now she has back injuries?

by Jennifer

I was driving on the 710 freeway in bumper to bumper traffic and I rear ended a car at about 25 miles per hour.

The other car had some paint peeling, but nothing other than that. After exchanging information I asked if we could make an agreement to settle without insurance. I offered $250.00 dollars to cover the small scratch and he asked the passenger and she said sure do what you would like.

We came to the agreement that the next day I would pay the money. The next day I paid the money and he said thank you and that was all. Three days after the accident he text me that the passenger sais she will be contacting my insurance because she has back pain?

Does that mean my insurance will also be charged for the damage to his car even though we settled for something outside of the insurance?

Answer to I rear ended a car and the passenger of the other car claims she has back injuries?

Hello Jennifer,

Sorry for the delay. Our system was down and finally we are able to see the questions. This may be late.

Well, did you have anything in writing? Usually, you want these settlements in writing. You will also have to have a release from each party.

This may be problematic. Talk to your insurance company, they may “discount” the $250 that you already paid. The good news is that this is why you have insurance, use it to protect you!

Thank you.

Good luck
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