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I was a passanger in an accident | Help?

by Kelly
(Sacramento, CA)

The person that was driving did not have a license but I did. The car was fully covered I hit my head against the window and have many scars on my face. The insurance told my husband that the claim was void because they said I let her drive which by the way was my sister can I sue the insurance company for my injuries. The insurance was in my husband’s name.


Hello Kelley,

I am a little confused by your question. The claim was void? We never heard of such term in insurance. The bottom line is that if you are a passenger and you are injured, you can be compensated for your bodily injuries from the driver.

The insurance company of the car usually covers the driver. If there is no coverage, the insurance company is not liable as the insurance company did not cause the accident. The driver is still liable to the passenger.

See our section on bodily injury.

I hope this helps,
Good Luck

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