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I was at fault in a car accident that resulted in severe personal injury. could I be sued?

I made a negligent right hand turn and hit an elderly man on a motorcycle 5 months ago.

He was medivaced to a hospital. His leg was crushed and a couple months into the treatment they still weren't sure if he would keep it. I received a citation at the site of the accident showing me to be at fault for failure to yield to oncoming traffic.

Our Geico insurance coverage is 250,000 per person/500.000 per incident. The man has needed in home care since the accident. The accident occurred 5 months ago and the claim is still open.

My husband owns a business that is worth maybe 90,000 if liquidated and we have maybe 100,000 equity in our home. Could we lose everything?

Answer to I was at fault in a car accident that resulted in severe personal injury. Could I be sued?

Hello, I am sorry to hear about this.
Could you lose everything? Yes. Will you? It is unlikely.

You have coverage and your insurance company has an affirmative duty to settle within the policy limits or go to court. They will probably settle and have a release against you.

In accidents like this, the injured person may have coverage in their own policy for “under insured” at fault parties. That coverage could help them recover from their own policy after they take the totality of yours.

Be on top of the claim. Talk to your adjuster often. Make sure they get you a lawyer when one becomes necessary.

Good Luck,

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