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I was rear-ended while at red light in left turning lane, both party have same insurance company?

While at red light in left turning lane, a truck struck my vehicle on the left rear end of my car. young men on bicycles let my daughter use the cell phone, we did not get their names or numbers.

Now adjuster is sounding like other driver has a different story. My car is totaled and I want it replaced.


Well, you need some witnesses or even a police report. A word v. word accident can be difficult to win.

Good Luck

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Dec 03, 2011
same insurance company
by: ksarocky

I was hit in the side while stopped at a red light in dense city traffic, and both drivers had AAA liability insurance. No-brainer, right? AAA denied my claim ($3,000 to replace both doors) without even looking at the damage. They said I was responsible for being in the path of the other car! Obviously, it was just cheaper for them not to pay off, since the big Volvo that hit me had no damage to its enormous bumpers. Then they suggested that I should buy more insurance from them to cover this situation! My mistake was not getting a police report.

Aug 05, 2011
rear-ended party
by: Anonymous

I had uninsured motorist carried on my insurance policy, Why wont my /OUR insurance company settle we me allowing me to at least replace my car/transportation? They would settle if they knew the other party was uninsured,right? but instead they stall,waiting on that party to co-operate! What laws pertain? Drivers have to have insurance but who supervises over Insurance company's actions or in this case the lack of action?


Insurance companies have a right and duty to investigate not only liability / fault, but also coverage. If the other party does have insurance, then you don't have coverage (at least not uninsured motorist as the other party has an active policy).

They have up to 30 days to make a determination. The department of insurance or the office of the insurance commissioner is the regulatory agency.

Good Luck.

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