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Icy condition parking ramp

My apartment building has a very steep parking ramp. At one time it was a heated ramp and i suspect that maybe that was required due to the slope of the driveay. In anycase, the heated driveway must have failed at one point and it was dug up and asphalted.

I went to leave my parking garage on a sunday morning at 7am and there was less than an inch of snow on the driveway. However the day before it was raining and in retrospect, there was probably a layer of ice under the snow.

Needless to say i got halfway up the ramp and stuck. Because our building garage door closes automatically, i had to get out and activate the garage door to get my car back into the garage. I placed my car in park and got out. While i was getting out, the car slid down the driveway and impacted the partially open drivers door which bent the hinges.

I honestly do not know what to do or who is at fault. Is it me for trying to drive up the ramp from my garage. Is it the landlord for not having the ice cleared ? Is it the landlord for replacing a heated ramp with a non-heated one ? I havent called my insurace company yet because i really dont know who is at fault.

Can you give me any advice or suggestions?


Hello ,

Wow, this is an interesting question . Usually, one vehicle accidents are 99% the drivers fault. However, the scenario you describe could get the landlord some if not all liability. There is a ramp that ends into a garage door. It’s foreseeable that vehicle stop in there and thus it’s very important that the ramp be ice free.

You want to file a claim and have the adjuster do an investigation. The landlord may have to pay.

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