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If a person didn't have insurance and caused a accident?

by Hardy
(Flint, Michigan)

Is it my responsibility to chase down the other person to see if they had any other kind of liability insurance, I have insurance with uninsured motorist of $100,000 per person and $300,000 total. I have made injury demand from the insurance company and they said they wanted me to get affidavit from the other driver stating they don't have coverage, or any other kind of liability.


It’s not your responsibility to do that. You make a claim, and the insurance company must investigate the claim, from coverage, to liability, and damages.

It is their duty to find that person to get the affidavit. In must show to them that this person does have insurance so your UMBI will not apply.

If they give you issues, talk to a lawyer.

Good Luck,

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