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Illegally parked car | Liability

by Jack

I was in a private parking lot of a company. I was parked and I backed out. I did not see the car parked on the curb illegally.

I bumped her bumper and now she wants 600.00 for her 100.oo of damage. Am i responsible to pay this?

Answer to Illegally parked car | Liability

Hello Jack,

Well, you had a big object behind and you should have seen that. There is really no excuse why you could not see vehicle that is not moving. Clearly, you did not mean to hit the vehicle, but it happened.

Now, the other party may also be liable, but maybe for a small portion. You still will owe some damages on this. It is a good idea to talk to your adjuster and ask them to do an investigation.

If the other party wants more money or tries to get something from you that she should not, the insurance adjuster can really help you there.

Good Luck,

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