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Injury claim as passanger | please help

by Joe

I was a passenger in a vehicle that was t-boned.

I suffered hip and back injuries. 3 years later,I am still in chronic pain and am experiencing pain with sexual relations and loss of bladder control. I have to use a cane to walk, so I do not fall from pain in hip,back and leg.I have had to install assistance devices in my home.

How do I document this other than keeping a pain diary? Doctors and Therapists I have seen cannot find any explanation, other than soft tissue injury and/or cannot agree on a diagnosis. Yes, they are an HMO.

How is this type of chronic injury awarded?


It all goes down to documentation. Really, when it comes to settlement, it is what your doctors are willing to support. You have some severe injuries so the more documentation you have linking your pain to the accident the better of you will be.

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