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Insurance adjustments | Can an insurance company push coverage on you?

I gave my 27 year old son permission to drive my car. He was not on my policy. He had incident with a mail box. The insurance company paid for replacement of the mail box. Then came back on me that he was not on the policy.

I lent him the. they wanted to know where he lived and he has no residence nor does he own a car. Because I had now proof of address or insurance. They placed him on my policy as 16 year old driver. Pushing my insurance coverage for liability only on a 1996 Jeep 2000.00 per year. Can a insurance
company rightfully adjust your insurance and make you pay even when you've cancelled the coverage?


An insurance company cannot make you pay if you cancel coverage. If they took money for coverage until the end of the policy period, but you cancel on the middle, the would have to pro rate and return the unused part of the premium.

They cannot push coverage on you. It sounds like your agent is getting a little to aggressive. Talk to other agents and consider getting a new insurance company.

Good Luck

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