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Insurance Claim on Loss of Vehicle

by Eric Wong

If an individual is entitled to import a car with exemption to pay import duty and taxes and he covers the car insurance on market. The car without import duty and taxes can be say $50,000 and the when with import duty and taxes at $75,000 which is the market value of the vehicle.

Consequently, he insured for the market value of $75,000

In the event of loss, will the insurance company pay him the insured value of $75,000


No. Insurance companies the fair market value of the vehicle where the vehicle was insured at, thus, the import duty may very well not be included. The fact that there is a stated value, it does not mean that the insurance company will pay that amount. The stated value acts as a “limit” and therefore, the MOST the insurance company would pay is $75,000.

Now, this answer is related to "normal" insurance policies. However, you can purchase insurance that will pay for the vehicle at the destination value. Contact the underwriter of your insurance company and see if they can give you the exactly what you need.

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