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Insurance Claim on Stolen Car

My car was stolen about a month ago I gave the information to an insurance adjuster they had an investigator contact me with American family here in Denver co.

We met and he asked for a lot of questions like I was being accused of stealing my own car he asked me for bank statements maintenance records on my car & also cell phone records.

I thought was strange any way I got this information for them but the cell records are going to take 3 to 4 weeks to get can they hold out on closing my claim until they get the cell records they also have the name and # of the person that I was at when the car was stolen but have not even called her what’s really going on & what rights do I really have

Answer to Insurance Claim on Stolen Car:


The insurance company has a right to do an investigation. They have a duty to put in writing the reason for the denial if any.

Clearly the insurance company believes there is some sort of fraud or allegation that you had something to do with the stolen car.

If you believe you have cooperated, then you may want to talk to an attorney to avoid having to continue give paperwork over.

Remember that the insurance company does have to have evidence of their conclusion and must be willing to put in on writing.

Good Luck

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