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Insurance Claim Withdrawal

by Crystal Green

My car was stolen and the insurance says that my car has been recovered and that they police have my car.

They said that my car is great condition and asked if I wanted to withdrawal my claim. I asked how come I haven't received any information on my car being found and they said that there was an ongoing investigation with the person who was found with my car. If I withdrawal my claim what happens?

Would that make them think I did it? The police told me that they could not discuss this with me because their was an ongoing criminal investigation but they would not tell me details.


Hello Crystal,

I am sorry to hear about your claim. The case with the police cannot be withdrawn as that is a criminal case (theft). It is very unlikely that the police would release any of this information to you because again, it is criminal so you do not have any rights. The insurance company is probably in the same spot (the police will probably not tell them anything either).

Regarding the claim, withdrawing a claim is not very effective. You can ask to have the claim closed or withdrawn, however, the effect is still the same – you have a claim against your record. It will always be there and it will probably be used against you when it comes time to adjust your rates.

You really need to inspect the vehicle before you consider closing the claim. They might say that the car is in good condition, but you need to inspect, drive, and take it to a mechanic. You do not know if it might have been driven too hard leading to possible engine/ transmission damage. My point is that you need to take a look before making a decision.

You can always close a claim, but what do you really gain by doing this? You have nothing to hide and you would like the protection of the insurance company in case there is damage, so it is probably a good idea to wait and see.

I hope this helps,

Good Luck,

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