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Insurance company questioning me about dual garaging


I was in a single car accident on the highway, truck tire in fast lane and i clipped it when swirving away and slammed into a guard rail. Well now the insurance company ran my name, and ssn# and they are saying because i have bills in my name at a different address(my bfs house, he has bad credit so i have the bills in my name) that they are thinking im duel garaging.

I specifically live at my mothers house, my insurance, car payment, doctors for my kids, health insurance is listed at my mothers home. But all my boyfriends bills are in my name at his address. Now the insurance company stated because i have to stay at his house until my car is repared(i live 90 miles from work, due to lack of work) and my car isnt driving well, they think its suspcicious because im staying here at his house right now(he lives 30 miles from my job).

I have told the adjuster i am only staying here because its closer to work and my car isnt running great.

Can they really deny my claim for this? and go after me for fraud?? they required my moms phone number to verify my address. Adjuster asked me if my agent knows that i live with my parents, im like YES, my agent is my parents agent, they have a different insurance company and their own vehicles. The agent has known ive lived with my parents for a few years now.

I use my bfs address for several things (voter registration, bills that i don’t want to get like collections lol), because i do stay here on the weekends usually because we have children together, and he does watch them for me mon-fri.

But i dropped the kids off to him in the morning before i go to work. He works over night. and i have to drive right by this town to go to work and it saves me on daycare. I did register my oldest son out of his house, because i have no one to get my son off the bus, so his dad puts him on the bus out of his home, and gets him off the bus, and then i pick the kids up and go home usually. hence why I’m registered to vote in this town(it was an option to register him with the school)

My REAL residence is my moms home though, i never knew it was against the rules to stay over my boyfriends home every now and then?? i told them i usually only sleep over on weekends. is it? please help, because this is BS.



Depending on the terms of your policy, this may give you a coverage issue. If must be a family member to gain coverage, and, a family member is often defined as a person who resides there. Establishing residence is very important and in some situations it can be difficult.

You will have to talk to a lawyer about this. They can deny your claim not because of fraud necessarily, but simply because your are not a member of the household (how the insurance company defines it).

I hope this helps,

Good Luck

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