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Insurance company/adjuster may be involved is some kind of fraudulent scheme..

by Sue
(Renton, WA)

I was involved in an accident, I was turning left on a green light and green arrow entering the express way. As I proceeded through the intersection following the flow of traffic this car plows through the intersection running the red light. The driver hit me with great force and totaled my father’s large truck. The driver claims I ran the light so it became her word against mine. No one was cited. The adjuster had stated to me that each insurance company would take care of their own insured.

The twist here is that my father recently passed, he was the insured and technically, the insurance company could only communicate with him. I was the driver so I handled the matter with little communication from his insurance company. When I complained that I was not getting any communication from the adjuster I was reminded that technically no one had to talk to me. As it turns out, my dad's insurance company out of no where accepted liability as to say that I was at fault for the accident. When I question the adjuster and asked him what the heck they were doing he explained that I HAD A GREATER DUTY BEING THAT I WAS MAKING A LEFT TURN so the accident was more my fault.

I told him that I did not agree with such nonsense and the GREATER DUTY comes from the driver who should not have ran a red light. I went on to say to the adjuster the greater duty would only apply if I was making a left turn from a stop sign or something like that. I had the green light and green arrow.

Because of this "greater duty" crap the adjuster decided to accept liability paying the other driver claim. I (the victim) on the other hand am left hanging with medical bills and injuries. The other driver lied and said I ran the light causing the officer to declare conflict of stories and again no one was cited. The other driver gave a bogus insurance company and a bogus policy on the police report and of course I have learned she was driving without insurance.

When I continue to argue with the adjuster he stated that they accept liability because the other driver attorney would have came after me and cause me a lot more money and that they were only looking to protect their insured, my dad... The adjuster went on to confirm that they only paid off my dad's truck, rental and storage expenses, etc. but did not pay any claim monies to this other driver.

Well if you accept liability and the other driver's attorney has filed a claim (knowing full well she had no insurance )that means you will pay her retribution. I found out that my dad's insurance company paid for the storage fees (under my dads insurance) where both of our vehicles were taken almost 3,000. so I have caught the insurance adjuster in a LIE!!! and, if you paid for this storage then you will pay for her claim.

I just don't understand what kind of scam is going on but I cant help but believe something fraudulent is going on WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS! I have contact the police department to make a supplemental report to expose and make record of the bogus information from the other driver. I will also make a complaint to the insurance commission. Can someone tell me what is happening here. Can I sue my dad's insurance company. I was unable to collect anything on my claim from this other driver because she has no insurance and my dad only carried liability. I am still treating for my injuries and have over 25,000 in medical bills. I do not have a vehicle so I have no auto insurance of my own to make a claim against... HELP!

Answer to Insurance company/adjuster may be involved is some kind of fraudulent scheme...

Hello Sue,

If there is a good faith dispute as to the facts (as in a word v. word situation), the adjuster must “believe” your side and protect you that way. If the facts (witnesses, police reports, point of impact) do not tell, conclusively, who’s fault it is, then the adjuster must advocate for you and deny the other side claim.

The statement that they don’t have to talk to you is incorrect. They MUST talk to you. You are an INSURED as defined by the auto policy. They have a legal and contractual duty to talk to you.

You probably should file a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner. You will see how fast the adjuster must answer the insurance commissioner office about the lack of information and why they have not protected your interest as an insured.

Good Luck
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