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Insurance doesnt want to pay for genuine part

My car was broken into & the stereo stolen. The insurance company adjuster says that Farmers ins. will NOT cover for a new side passenger window that was broken during the theft.

Instead they will give me a "reasonable and necessary" i.e. used part. to replace. (I have the paperwork from the adjuster)

How can I have them pay for the genuine part?

Can I file a complain against them?



Hello Regi,

Well, you can file a complaint with the department of insurance or the insurance commissioner (different states call them different things). The problem is that your policy most likely have this language in it and it probably does not define it. Please see:

This is perhaps one of the most unfair situations regarding insurance coverage. We are trying to contact legislators to change this, but as it stands, reasonable and necessary can be construed that way.

Good Luck,

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