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Insurance Fraud with repair shop?

by Quin
(New York)

They waived my $1000 deductible and fixed my car.

Later on after I got my car back I realized they didn't replace my tire and headlight assembly even though my insurance company paid them to put a new tire and headlight assembly on my car.

They admitted to not putting these items on my car and said those parts really didn't need to be changed and since I didn't pay the deductible it had to come from somewhere.

Is this fraud? Can they do that since I didn't pay the deducible and my insurance still paid them for those parts?



Well, I am not sure this is fraud, but it does seems like at least as a misrepresentation. They did not waive the deductible, they simply took the money from the repair. This looks highly out side of the ordinary.

Contact an attorney and the department of insurance of your state.

Good Luck

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