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Insurance mess with stolen truck

by Erin

My Trail Blazer was stolen and it was recovered . Great!!! I filed a home owners claim for all the contents in the truck and I am receiving a in the next few days. But my problem is the auto insurance!

They were going to cover up to 10$ a day on a rental car, but since my husband and I had an extra truck I didn’t needed to use it. That’s more great news for the auto insurance.

I have FULL coverage on all my vehicles in case silly thing like this happen.

I have never had an auto claim with any on my insurances before so I don’t really know how this works. So here is my question?

My Trail Blazer is pretty beat up on the outside, scratches, dings, dints, and Ect.. Defiantly not TOTALED, and they are willing to fix all of that. BUT the inside is horrible my husband and went to go look in it to make sure none of my things were in there that I was filing on the home owner claim. We found used needles, meth or crack, meth or crack pipes, other needles, marijuana, hand gun, and lord knows what else was in there.

We quit looking and called the police; they came out and removed everything that they found in the truck.

There are burn holes throughout my truck, along with this awful smell. The windows have been cracked for days, and it has been raining. The insurance guy came out and looked at the truck yesterday.

They are NOT going to replace all the seats, carpet, and headliner. We have a 5 year old child that I do not want to ride in a truck that has had some kind a chemical drug smoke in it, not to mention the needles. T

he insurance has agreed to replace the seat covers only on the seats that have burn holes in them 3 out of 4.

AM I ENTITLED TO WHAT I WANT? All new carpet, seat covers, seat cushions, and a headliner.

I do not want my child in the truck like this. There is a Ozone Machine that they were going to use to get the smell out of there. But in reading it only gets the smell and mold, NOT the drug chemicals. I could use some advice if you would help, PLEASE!


Hello Erin,

I am very sorry to hear about your stolen truck. It must be awful. The insurance company has a duty to fix the vehicle or total it. Your insurance policy spells out their duties and they can either clean something or they would have to replace something and depreciate its value (they probably pay actual cash value). Read more about actual cash value here:

If you can show that there is no way that the vehicle can be cleaned out because there are so many chemicals, then the insurance company would be required to find you replacements (not new, they can probably use used parts).

The problem you will have is really proving that these chemicals cannot be cleaned out. I know what happened there is nasty, but unless you can show that there was manufacturing of something like methamphetamine or something to that effect (something that cannot really be cleaned out – and at this point, the blazer would probably be a total loss), it would be very difficult to make them fix something.

I hope this helps some.

Good Luck,

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