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Insurance on Damage Claim with an Expired Motor Vehicle Registration

by George

A car accident happened with an expired motor registration but the policy is still active (TPL,On Damage) I mean not expired. Details: The incident happened last January 13, 2012, 3 were injured including the driver (son of the insured-with license to drive), and the car was wrecked (head part).

We reported the incident immediately and the adjuster of the insurance company responded and advised the owner to tow the car at the nearest accredited shop for repair.

But unfortunately, the manager of the insurance company sent a letter denying the claims for reasons that due to non renewal of motor vehicle registration is the basis, and with arguments that it is their company policy and requite to claim payment thereof.

The Policy issued on July 20, 2011 and will expire on July 20, 2012, the incident happened on January 13, 2012.

My questions:

Is there any provisions/sections/general exceptions and or in the insurance code, that any insurance claims in particular will be denied in case of non renewal of vehicle registration or expired MVR?

Can we invoke Presidential Decree 1455/1814? or Section 374 of Insurance Code?

Thank you and more power.

Answer to Insurance on Damage Claim with an Expired Motor Vehicle Registration

Hello George,
If the accident happened during the policy period, then there should be coverage.

You need to look at your policy and see what coverages you had. Collision, PIP, UIM, and see what coverages you were paying for. Typically, the coverages lists which exclusions you have, and you need to read there to see if registration is one of them.

If the insurance company denied coverage for non renewal or because you did not have a registration , talk to a local attorney. Also, ask them about the legal references you quoted.

Good Luck

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