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Insurance on vehicle but not person driving.

by Alyson

I obtained insurance for all my family members and their cars. One of my family members had an accident and now the insurance company said they didn't have her name on the policy but do have her car but the title to her car is in her name and therefore they will not pay for her car even though it was fully insured.

They have paid for the other car though since it was my family member's fault. How can they deny paying for my family members car when it had full coverage? She was suppose to be on the policy and I proved the phone call application that they claim I did not make.

Shouldn't that vehicle also be paid for?


Hello Alyson,

This is interesting. They are granting coverage for the third party (damages to that person), but not for the vehicle in the policy. In other words, they are paying under the liability coverage but not on the under the collision.

The only way this can happen is in a very close reading of policy language under both coverages. Please see:

You want to talk to a coverage / insurance lawyer in your state. They may have waived their rights when they paid for the third party damages.

In addition, you wanted to insured everyone and that is what you thought you did, so no point on changing that now!

As always, it is very important that you talk with a local attorney!
Good Luck,
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