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Insurance Premium Increase | is this justifiable?

by Jjleese
(Lake View, South Carolina)

I changed my address because I moved. But my first address was in Marion county that is still in South Carolina. I changed it to Lake View which is still in South Carolina.

They changed my payment from 131.00 to 167.00. And I was wondering why is it that much of a charge. Really why is there a charge at all for changing your address.


Hum? This is random. The insurance company can argue that your vehicle is more at risk at the new address than the old one, and hence the premium increase. IF this is the case, it’s time to get a new quote. If they believe you are going to change carriers over this (which is a big deal, more than $300 per year), they may put your premium back to where it was.

Get a quote, you may even get a better rate. Get a quote here.

Good Luck,

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