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Insured Car Hit my Uninsured Car

by Christina
(Klamath County)

We were driving to the store when a truck backed out of his drive way and hit our truck side and bumper.

We are currently not insured but the driver who hit us was, how does that affect us getting our truck side fixed? He only dented the passenger side fender and the end of the bumper not to bad.

If we do a claim into his insurance and they see we don't have insurance will we not get them to fix our dent?

Will we get into more trouble for not being insured?

Answer to Insured Car Hit my Uninsured Car

Hello Christina,

If the police is called, you may get a ticket for driving without insurance. If you are in the state of California (not sure where Klamath County is at), then driving without insurance may bar your recovery.

If you are not in California, the majority of states find your no insurance situation to be irrelevant regarding damages.

Good Luck,

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