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Insured driver yet not covered??

by Barb
(Richland WA USA)

If I am an insured driver with State Farm and I have 3 cars insured with them yet I was driving a car registered in my name that was not insured to a destination to sell it and I re-ended someone am I still covered?

I am not looking for payment on my vehicle but I am looking for support and legal coverage for if and when the driver I hit seeks to sue me although I believe they will only seek for damages and I believe since I am an insured driver State Farm should cover it but I am being told they wont.

What recourse do I have to be covered and supported though State Farm and am I covered?


You probably don't have any recourse. If you are driving a car without insurance (that car is not listed in your policy) and it is not a newly acquired auto, you probably have no coverage at all.

Consult with an attorney.

Good Luck

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