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Is agent's advice correct?

by Andy

My van with commercial insurance is parked on my property next to a wood fence with the rear cargo door open. The wind blows the door into the fence damaging it to the repair cost of $1500.

My deductible is $1000.

I've paid insurance with this company for twenty years and made no claims and have a great driving record. The insurance agent suggests I don't make a claim, that I should pay out of pocket, because my premium might go up.

This agent recently replaced my original agent of twenty years, who retired. Does this, new to me, agent's advice sound accurate?

Answer to Is agent's advice correct?

Hi Andy,

This is an interesting question, please see our article claim v. rate and see what we think.

That is a high deductible and only having coverage for $500 seems like a low amount to have a strike against you. However, will this raise your rates? It might, but will it impact that much? Probably not. If haven’t had any claims and you have that type of history, you should be able to make a claim without much issue.

Talking to your agent is important, but without exact numbers (about how much will it go up, a dollar or several hundred), it is hard to make an educated decision.

Good luck,
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