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Is insurance company stalling?

by Tammy

I was in an accident(not at fault) almost two years ago. We were close to settling the claim, but the insurance company offered an amount that did not even cover the cost of my medical bills and lost wages.

I was told that they did not have enough documentation for my injuries and if I was able to provide them, they would submit an addendum.

I collected everything I could and resubmitted all of the info to the claims adjuster, along with a demand letter. We are now 7 weeks past the deadline I gave the adjuster and still have not gotten a counter offer.

I have spoken with her and she has told me that she was waiting to hear back from the peer review board. Then, she called today and said that the person who was working with the peer review board quit and that there was a new person on the case.

She then went on to tell me that she was trying to verify that they had received the new addendum. I was under the assumption that we should be close to an answer from them, not just trying to find out if they had received the information that was sent almost 11 weeks ago.

Do you think she are stalling? What can I do to get them moving so we can wrap this up?


Hello Tammy,

Something does not sound right. Consider talking to an attorney. Also visit:

for more information about injury claims.

All I can think is that you should consider filing a formal complaint with the office of the insurance commissioner of your state. This will make this type of thing move faster and they will have to answer (in detail) what is going on.

Good Luck,

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