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Is it comp or is it collision claim?

by Ernest

I had my campers power cord under the camper from the left side leading to the right it got wrapped around the dump out plumbing.

The power cord was connected to an outlet in a building no extension cords used. I failed to unplug the power cord I backed up the power cord was pulled upward and broke the fittings out of the tanks the tanks need to be replaced ad a result. I did not hit another object pavement people or buildings simply the cord that is part of the camper pilled up on the plumbing under the camper to break off.

My adjuster told me its collision because it came in contact with another object. But I don’t agree with another object because it is part of the camper.

I appreciate your feedback.

Answer to Is it comprehensive or is it collision claim?

Hello Ernest,

This is very interesting.

Look at your policy and look at both definitions. What is covered, exactly, under the “insuring agreement” of your policy. I believe, and you will have to look, that you very likely fit BOTH definitions.

The object argument is true, but comprehensive also covers impact with objects (trees falling, bullets, rocks hitting a windshield, etc). If the adjuster cannot articulate, according to the actual policy, why IT DOES NOT fit the comprehensive language, then the adjuster MUST advocate for you. If it is better to have a collision deductible (because it is less), then they should cover the claim under that. If it is better to cover the claim under the comprehensive coverage, then that should be coverage.

Again, look at it closely and ask them to give you the policy language where this is a collision, but more importantly where they would exclude this from comprehensive. For more information about collision and or comprehensive coverage, please click here.

Good Luck,
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