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Is it my fault?

by Amanda
(Arlington, Texas)

I was going straight on a street and right before I passed through it turned yellow if I would have stopped it would have destroyed my brakes possibly causing a different accident.

There was a car coming from the opposite direction going to turn in front of me they tried to beat the yellow light and me as well and sped up I slammed on my brakes just as they sped up so I hit them on the back passenger side door.

Is it not their responsibility to yield to oncoming traffic before turning since they didn’t have a green arrow by the way their light had turned yellow as well. My insurance had lapsed for two days so I was not covered and their insurance company is suing me saying that I purposely ran the yellow light even though I don't feel like I had a choice to stop and they actually tried to beat me through the light. They were very apologetic at the scene but after speaking to their insurance company tell a different tale now.

We switched in formation and then after I drove away apparently called the police to file a report I don’t know what to do.


Hello Amanda,

We are sorry you are in this situation. Lesson learned: Never let your insurance expire!

You likely have some liability here. You had a yellow light, which means proceed with caution. The fact that the collision happened shows that you were not cautious enough.

We quarrel with the statement about your breaks. They would be destroyed? That seems better than causing a collision and maybe bodily injury to others. It is very difficult to know if your breaks would have failed or you would caused other accident. The fact of the matter is that your speed should be controllable even in an intersection.

The fact that they are turning left is difficult for them. They will very likely be also responsible for the accident.

It is a word vs. word situation and without insurance you will have to fight them on your own.

Good Luck,

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