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Is it to late for me to follow up with a doctor after a previous car accident i had???

I was in a car accident in June 2009. (The other party involved was at fault). At first I didn’t think I was hurt from it but a week or so later I started having these horrible migraines.

I went to a chiropractor only a few times due to the fact I was moving to a new city. He diagnosed me with "pinched nerve" due to whiplash. I have not seen a doctor since November 2009, but I am still getting headaches regularly.

The insurance wants be to settle but I am not comfortable settling for the amount they are offering.

I was wondering if it’s to late for me to follow up to receive medical attention. I live in the state of MO. I am only 19 and do not know a thing about how insurance works.



Well, gaps on treatment will give you a difficult time regarding settlement. The insurance company will probably be very suspicious as you resume treatment once they gave you an offer that you did not like.

The real key will be to make sure that the doctor can relate the migraines back to the accident. You have not treat for over 6 months and this will give you problems. You can also talk to an attorney (recommended). At least they can tell you how much you should settle for.

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