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Is the insurance company liable?

by Robert

I was at a stop light when a truck hit me at full speed from behind damage my car beyond repair. The driver admitted he was at fault.

He had no licsence and the truck wasn't his. But the truck was issuered and he was cited .the insurance company denied my clam saying he was an unauthorized driver.

The truck was not stolen witch means the owner gave him permission to drive the truck who hit me was issuered who was driving ain't my problem that's why it's the law to have insurance I have medical bills and have to pay for my car and a rental.

I hurt Every day is this right is this legal.

Answer to Is the insurance company liable?

Hello Robert,

We understand your frustration. You were not at fault and the party who is allegedly insured does not want to pay.

There are exclusions to coverage on most auto policies. The permissive use one is one of the main ones. Some states require that the vehicle be reported stolen to determine non permissive use. Some require a simple statement as to if the were express permission or maybe there was implied permission.

The insurance company does have to investigate and then make a determination.

If they find that the driver did not drive with permission, then they can exclude the claim.

This is one of the reasons why uninsured motorist coverage is a good coverage to have. You want to talk to an attorney soon. They may be able to get you the coverage and the protection for your injuries. See the form below to get one near you.

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Good Luck,

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