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Is the person's who rear ended my car insurance required to provide me a rental

by Frank

My car was stopped at a red light. it is rear ended by a large suv is their insurance company required to provide me with a rental?

I ask that question and was told they only did it on a reimbursment basis and had a limit of $24.99 per day is this legal?


Well, there is nothing illegal about. Remember, when dealing with the at fault party or their insurance company, it is very much a negotiation. If you don't agree, then you go to court. Their statement may be simply an offer.

However, do remember that they have to provide either basic transportation (some states) or similar transportation to what you had (again, some states). You need to check with a lawyer what your states say about this.

Either way, $24.99 may be a enough to put you back in the position you were prior the accident. It depends on what you were driving.

Good Luck

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