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Is there a some kind of license to do this

by Reeang

I like to represent people on there behalf to insurance compnies to get money for there property (car) damage for a fee or commition.

Note, I will not doing workn for adjester or estimating damage, auto shop will do the damage estimates. I will fill up claim form, copy of police report calling insurance company to send all information of accedent and sending accedent photos showing insurance company adjuster damage cars plus keeping in touch what happen to the compansation check at party in accedent's name when the prson get there check Iask my commition or fee for this work.

Please can some one guide me if i can do this with out having any license or is there any kind of license i ve to get.




Hello Rana,

The type of arrangement you are looking for is providing legal representation, in which case you are required to become an attorney.

Other than that, you could become a public adjuster, which requires some studying and licensing you can check with the department of insurance of your state. If you do not have either of this licenses, then insurance companies will not talk to you (they can't, as you have no legal license to negotiate).

Good Luck,

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