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Kids in a hit-n-run car accident!!

by Nikki

My two kids ages 6 and 8 were in the car with my sister when her car stops on the freeway she had her emergency flashers on. Everyone else was going around her car when all of a sudden this lady who wasn’t paying attention slams dead into the car, pulls off then leaves the scene.

Witnesses gave police the lady's license plate number they caught her awhile later and gave her a ticket for hit n run.

This happened April 28,2012 in Texas on a Saturday right after our grandfathers funeral and the birthday of my late sister who passed away 3 yrs. ago at age 29. The next morning we were headed back home to Louisiana, the kids seemed fine 2hrs later my son started feeling sick he couldn’t keep his head up, couldn't eat.

He said he needed cold air. Took them both to their doctor, he has a light concussion. My daughter who is schitzophrenic had to get new meds added to what she already takes because she couldn't stop talking or moving she was in a different mode I had never saw before.

The lady who hit them has Farmers Insurance, what should I do about filing a claim for my kids? How long will it take Farmers to settle the claim?

Answer to: Kids in a hit-n-run car accident!!

Hello Nikki,

I am sorry to hear about all of this. We have been out and just now get to see some of the questions that came when we were gone.

Claims like this can take a long time. Sometimes years. If all your kids have is a soft tissue injury, then that is one thing. But if the injuries are or will be permanent, then you want to make sure you have a proper assessment of the damage before you settle. Worse thing you can do is to settle a claim for a minimal amount and then realize that the kids will need a lot more medical treatment after that.

Also, depending on the amount of the settlement, and your local state law, the kids may have to get court approval and a Guarding ad litem involved for the settlement, as they are minors.

Talk to an attorney before you do anything. There are too many issues for you to try to settle them on your own. Please see the form below.

Good Luck,

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