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Learners permit car accident

by Ivan

A good friend of mine just got her learners permit and while out practicing with her husband, she was involved in a car accident, she scrapped a parked car. now they are trying to file a claim and the insurance company is telling them that she is not covered in the policy, since she does not have a license. is it true that she is not covered in their policy since she doesn't have a license?? or is the insurance company just trying to get out of paying for the repairs to the other car.


Hello Ivan,

Well. This is a difficult question to answer because it is strictly up to what the insurance policy says. If the insurance policy requires someone with a driver license, then it can be argue that she was not insured at the time.

However, it can also argue that a learner’s permit is a license to drive (or a driver license) to driver temporarily. These arguments must be raised and determine by the insurance adjusters. Make sure you have her read her insurance policy before anything doing anything else. To learn how to read and to interpret insurance policies, visit:

Good Luck

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